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Dorben, entry 37 ---4th Eleasis, Addendum--- Even with thoughts of fear, one still fights to protect a friend


Adventure Journal of Dorben Wainfoster
4th Eleasis, Evening Addendum

---It would seem I perhaps ended my earlier entry a bit too soon for the likes of the events of the day. Not too long after we had trussed up Meg and begun her long term care, Nia reappeared amidst a flash of rainbow light. It took several minutes to relate the events of the day. Whereupon, she decided she absolutely must see this statue of herself and immediately set off for the Tower, with Illandria and Kaliki to keep her company. Upon their return to the Gatehouse, Nia set about investigating Meg’s pack, as we had been planning to do but had somehow forgot in all the excitement.

Putting aside the personal items, our search was for clues, not loot, we were most intrigued by the books we found. We were looking for information that might tell us what was happening with our friend and books do so often hold the bits of the story one needs to find. After some examination, two of the tomes proved to be spell books. Completely to be expected amongst the belongings of a mage of course. The other books were a bit more intriguing. It appeared that they might have been scribed in more than one language AND in some sort of short hand or code.

The more common translation spells are, of course, virtually useless for interpreting any sort of cipher or code, but not so the clever and inquisitive minds of a halfling and a zeph. Sa’d, having finally returned from the Tower, found the puzzle of the book code a challenge worthy of effort and Nia’s interest was soon hooked as well. Although it took them the better part of the day, they were able to crack the code, more or less, and glean some information from what appear to be Meg’s own journals. Unlike mine, they do not ramble on quite so much but instead seem to be fairly clipped and precise. They were able to find entries dating back to the early 1350’s and they did not believe these were any sort of historical reference. The entries appeared to be first hand accounts. We had only just begun to consider the ramification of these findings when someone called out that there was something “big, white and scary” approaching the Keep.

Nia was the first to light out, with the rest of the crew hot on her cute little heels. We took more prudent approach vectors upon sighting the creature. It was quite large, with insect-like features and all white. I shall have to do further research but I believe it was some sort of ice devil and quite a good sized specimen of its type. Nia approached the creature more or less openly and tried to speak with it, using some psi ability to enable her to understand its language. She translated that it said it had come for the blood of Gallus, or some such and was quite insistent that it not be dissuaded from its quest.

We were not entirely sure exactly who or what the Devil was looking for but we suspected that it was referring to Meg. With nary a word passed amongst us, we were of an accord; no matter what kind of odd things were going on with our friend Meg at the moment, she was never-the-less our friend and we would fight to protect her! And so, the fight was on, as they say. And it proved to be a hard fought battle, at least on our part. In hind sight, it seems that the ice devil may not have actually been putting forth much effort at all. We were being hurt simply by being within close proximity to the creature. Except for Aedron of course, who has since left the anguish of frostbite far behind him.

It was toward what would prove to be the end of the battle when our troubles with the bone searing cold came to an end. Our salvation came in the form of Peekaboo, bounding along and leaping from one of us to the next, carrying a spell from its mistress. It seemed that Meg had been freed with Peekaboo’s assistance and had sent Boo out with a spell of Cold Resistance that was passed on to each of us upon whom the bodiless cat landed in its bounding. The spell certainly helped and we finally hurt the ice devil enough that it faded from this plane. The face of a gigantic infernal insect is all but impossible to read, but it seemed that the creature left more from frustration than anything else. However it came to be, I believe we are glad that the creature is gone.

There is more to relate but my most immediate concern at the moment is my patient, whom I shall have to tend to presently. I should make note that the wetted blankets worked quite well in keeping Meg immobilized. What we had not taken into account was the camp cot upon which she had been resting; a cot we shall now have to repair. It seems that Meg’s liberty from her sick bed had been accomplished through the expedient of Peekaboo methodically clawing a split down the middle of the cot underside and Meg falling down through the resultant hole. I shall endeavor to remember this for any possible future need. As it is, Meg’s liberty proved to be our salvation. But more about that shortly. Now, the needs of my patient call. By my Lady’s grace, I shall write again soon.

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