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Dorben, Entry 9 ---19th Kythorn thru 22nd Kythorn--- Return to the road of adventure

Adventure Journal of Dorben Wainfoster
-19th Kythorn, The Year of the Haunting

---Ah yes, we are back on the road, pursuing adventure. The air seems more crisp out here after being cooped up within the city. Even a city so quaint and far afield as Goliad can begin to seem cramped after one has spent enough time within its walls. It is so odd, when I am out on the open road I yearn for the comforts of civilization. Yet, after a tenday or so basking in those self-same comforts, the walls of the city begin to chafe and I yearn for open sky and free air. Yes, the sky, where my Lady’s orb travels its path each night. Even if one were underground, you would still have the sky above. I find comfort in knowing that none may take the sky from me.

I’ve waxed lyrical long enough I suppose. Nothing out of the ordinary happened today. We’re upon a trail we’ve traveled before, on our way to Zolven’s tower of course. Hopefully we will make goodly time and be able to continue on the next step of our quest. By my Lady’s grace, I shall write again soon.


Adventure Journal of Dorben Wainfoster
-21st Kythorn, The Year of the Haunting

---Our little caravan arrived here at Zolven’s tower shortly after highsun, as we had expected. We found the entirety of the mansion was already materialized when we came within sight. We guessed that this was because Zolven already had house guests. As it turned out, Kaliki had arrived before us and Euphestus was still in residence. It appears that Euphestus has made an apprenticeship arrangement of sorts with Zolven. As I understand it, our gnomish friend is re-cataloging the library in exchange for access to the knowledge held within those books. I must admit there is some attraction to the thought of spending time reading through and absorbing all the knowledge in those books. If I had not found my calling with Lady Selune, I might have taken up the life of a scribe. What lost wonders might he discover? There does seem to be the slightest amount of friction present however. We noticed upon entering the mansion that a locked portal had been added to stair accessing the tower. It is not my place to question how two great minds get along. Ahem. Yes.

Niana, perky as ever, informed us that her master was not to be disturbed until tomorrow. Kaliki wished to debut an epic ballad she had been working on during her time with Koe’s tribe. She explained that she and Elowin, the goblin bard, had been helping her polish it up, as it were. Since Aedron is so uncomfortable within Zolven’s mansion, (The Unseen Servants with their cravats and white gloves make him terribly nervous.) we toted a dining table and chairs out to the lawn and made a garden party of the whole affair. Kaliki’s work was quite nice although it did still seem just a slight bit rough around the edges here and there. She apologized and said that she was still working out some of the difficulties with certain things not translating quite right. I wonder, did this beautiful piece of work begin life in the Goblin language? If so, then Kaliki has done wondrous work. I look forward to hearing how she develops the piece in future.

The ballads are through and dinner is over. I believe Nia and I have an appointment to make good use of the bath chamber soon. I have to admit she was right. These Unseen Servant’s of Zolven’s do give a fairly passable massage. Not quite as good as Sadrine but then again, how is a simple magical construct to compete with a scrumptious half-elven woman who has been honing her craft some thirty years? But that is neither here nor there. Our meeting with Zolven is to be shortly after first light and I still have appointments to keep this evening. By my Lady’s grace, I will write again soon.


Adventure Journal of Dorben Wainfoster
-22nd Kythorn, The Year of the Haunting

---Once again we are on the open road, and now we have a goal and a purpose. By the way, our group seems to have grown by just a tad. Aedron came to the meeting with his little mouse/squirrel friend riding upon his shoulder with a white cloth glove stuck over her head. She had somehow got hold of one of the gloves “worn” by the Unseen Servant apparitions and seemed to be doing her best to burrow through it. This was made quite difficult by the fact that she couldn’t seem to get her head into the finger of the glove she was exploring but she seemed adamant. It was quite disarmingly cute. We asked Aedron if he had named his new little friend and he said, very solemnly, that she would let her name be known in her own time. He seems happy with the arrangement and so does the little mousey thing, so who are we to argue?

The jocularity of Aedron’s little friend’s antics quickly and easily gave way to the seriousness of our morning meeting with Zolven. Some questions were answered and others only just begun. Zolven explained to us that he had tracked Arben down as best he could. He was definitely in the Hillcrest area but seemed to be moving about by means of some magic since he would simply disappear from time to time, leaving no trace for any scrying magics. Arben apparently noticed Zolven looking in on him and sent a note to the tower. It was quite simple really, simply reading, “They’re not really ready yet but you may as well send them along.” This Arben fellow does sound interesting.

Zolven has put us in charge of delivering several crates of supplies to Hillcrest. Vials, alchemical supplies, scrolls and the like; all well packed for travel. He explained that he thinks this should be enough to at least bring the Blue Diamond Fever to a standstill for several weeks if used frugally. It seems there is a priest of Ilmater in Hillcrest already, tending to those afflicted. He is known as Coran and reportedly was passing through the region about the time the plague started. Being a priest of the Broken One, it comes as no surprise that he would remain to tend the unfortunates stricken by the Fever. According to Zolven, the Blue Diamond Fever does not appear to be a natural affliction nor a “simple” magic spell. He thinks that it is truly a curse and further research will be required to determine how it might be lifted. He believes that we are not at risk of contracting the Fever ourselves as it seems to only be affecting those who have been long time residents of Hillcrest and its immediate environs.

We set out shortly after our consultation with Zolven came to an end. Our horses were already saddled and ready and we needed only delay long enough to stow the crates of supplies properly amongst our pack saddles. We were able to get on the road even before highsun and have made goodly time this day. I do hope we will be successful in this quest. My turn at night watch will come soon enough, so it is off to bed with me. By my Lady’s grace, I will write again soon.

-22nd Kythorn- Evening Addendum
---It seems a good thing that our time with Koe’s tribe did not leave us with the conceit that ALL goblins are good and kindly folk, for they are NOT. We have just finished repelling an attack from a small squad of goblins of the simple and nasty sort. The crept up on us before it had reached mid-night. I thought I had heard something off a ways from the camp and went to investigate, only to find Illandria peering very purposefully out into the darkness. Our sleeping companions were roused quickly enough and we gave the little snottlings what for. Again, Nia and Aedron worked well together and our archery contingent was well represented by the number of goblin corpses that fell with fletched shafts protruding from them every which way. There was one amongst them who was an especially troubling fellow. He seemed better armed and more well trained than the rest of his ilk and he used poison upon his blades that caused a slowing of the muscles and nerves. Luckily, we were able to catch the poison out before it did any of us any great harm. The little blighter lost his nerve when he saw that the rest of this squad had fallen like wheat before the scythe and made a run for it. Aedron and Nia gave chase, slightly hampered by the broken terrain but not so much that they weren’t able to cut him off. I became frustrated seeing that the nasty little gobber might very well be able to sneak off into the dark and there was nothing I could do about it. But then I saw Meg with one of those javelin thick arrows readied to her bow and I thought I might actually be able to help after all. I laid a spell of Light upon Meg’s arrow and asked her if she would kindly shoot the little bastard so we would be able to see him more readily in the dark. It seemed to work since his flight was quickly brought to an end.

It is an almost certainty that I will keep the Faerie Fire spell ready to hand for just such an emergency from this day forward. My evening devotions now done and my journal up to date, I shall endeavor to get some sleep. Morning will come soon enough. By my Lady’s grace, I shall write again soon.

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