Friday, March 10, 2006

Nia - Mirtul 27 - An Adventurer's Life for Me!

(written in Zepf)
27th Mirtul, 1377 – Damara – Very Late
I am so bored I fear I may expire of it. We have spent the last I don’t know how many hours creeping through the dark goblin warrens, seeking signs of the goblins. When you’re not the lead dog, the view never changes… and since I can see in the dark, I ended up at the very end of the line.

It does make me wish I had paid attention the times Father tried to teach me the arts of trap detection and removal, for it would have been very handy this evening. As it is, we are fortunate that both young Mr. Brambletongue (we have been given leave to call him Euphestas now) and S’ad are well indoctrinated into such mysteries.

Ah, I forgot to note that Euphestas had not traveled north with us, electing instead to remain at the wizard’s tower so that he might advance his studies. His return was impressive – a sudden tickle of a breeze and the faintest “pop” as he appeared in our midst, sent by Zolven. He brought with him another like us – raised from the dead and sent on a mysterious mission. Her name is Illandria and she bears the mark of the moon elves. Her expertise appears to be the wilderness and such, and I’m sure her skills will come in handy. Although, this evening she had as little to do as most of the rest of us. This was an evening for the trapfinder, but not much else.

I grew bored watching them try to persuade the kit to exit the warrens, so I scampered off to find mama cat. She was, as I thought she would be, awaiting our return, and called to him when I suggested it. Fortunately I realized the probable outcome in time to leap aside as he charged past me to his loving mother. It was a sight to warm the heart.

Euphestas surveyed the trappings of the defeated adventurers for magical and other items that might be of use to us. Such is the adventuring life – to the survivors go the spoils.

The rest of the night… I yawn and can barely keep my eyes open to write this in recollection of the utter, stultifying boredom of it all. At the tail of the group, I kept vigilant watch for an attack that never came. I have little knowledge what went on at the front, as we were under enforced silence nearly all of the time. The only incident of interest was when I caught sight of a chest in what appeared to be the treasure room closing as we exited. I called their attention to it, and Aedron responded by picking it up and shaking it.

The box contained a terrified goblin watchman, complete with what he told us was a destructive device of great power. I don’t know about that, but they certainly seem to be well organized for goblins. After much discussion, it was decided that we would leave the fellow – Bahgo, he said his name was – and exit the warrens, to await diplomatic contact from the goblins. It is fortunate that Kaliki (and I believe Euphestas) speak their tongue.

Beyond that, though… we dragged out the bodies of the other adventurers and set them alight upon a pyre, as Dorben assured us this was appropriate. We’re now camped atop rock for Tymora alone knows how long. I must rest now, for I take the last watch again tonight. I can only hope that tomorrow brings more excitement. I became an adventurer to adventure, for Tymora’s sake!

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